Wayland Union Middle School - Computer Class

7th Grade
8th Grade
1. General
2. Typing by Touch
3. Communication
Scan   Email
Scan Email   President   Sites
*Moodle    Publish    Prezi
4. HTML Coding
5. Spreadsheets
Skills' in gDocs Casinos
Skills' in gDocs Casino  Gas  Run
6. Presentations
Me1*   Me2*  Me3*  in gDocs Test
Me1*   Me2*   Me3*
7. Video Editing
PSA   *GP  Q  T
8. Web Page Creation
   *Story *S2 *CC *Peak Oil   URLs  
9. Databases
10. Law
Crime & Exam
11. Hardware/Software
If you will not be in school on Friday, then email your teacher for the alternate Exam.
Student Work: Quick Report   Climate Change   Videos   Teen Mind

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